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That's What Makes it Interesting ...

Many people have grown up on a farm or a ranch; growing or raising one thing or another. Some never leave once their grown, and some never return to work the family ranch. Steve Udy has done both.He has been in ranching cattle all his life. Where? When? What? How?That is what makes it interesting... 


We Choose ONLY The Best Genetics


  • Ellingson Amigo X39 (Red Simmental) 
  • VAR Answer 2012 (Angus) 
  • Silverias Mission Nexus (Red Angus) 
  • Schuler Rebel (Red Angus) 
  • Brown Redemption (Red Angus) * SAV Thunderbird (Angus)   
  • Pelton Statement 225W (Red Angus)
  • Bieber RREDS Takeout 305A
  • Bieber Spartacus A193
  • Vision Cash 3414 (Picture to Right)
  • Vision Unanimous 1418
  • SAV Recharge 
  • Sedgwicks Outlaw 538W
  • GMRA Trilogy 0226
  • GDAR Heisman 1705


EXTRA Incentives for 2017 Bull Sale

 · Halter Broke · Hand Fed · Freeze Branded 

                        EXTRA  Incentives  

                  Over 70 Bulls available!   

         Private treaty saves YOU money! 

       Perks & lower your operating costs       


*Each bull purchased comes with

Bottle of Long Range De-wormer (50ml)  OR Caliber 7 Blackleg (50 dose)

 *ONLY half down, we feed till April 10th Balance due upon delivery 


*We will DONATE $50.00 to:       

FFA chapter of your choice or Cattle for Christ International 

(Per bull purchased over $2,500)  

                         DELIVERY or PICK UP 

Free Delivery on all bulls over $2,500 to Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Idaho, & Utah   

Other states West of the Mississippi will be delivered.  (Not to exceed $600)  

*Limited number of bulls will be offered to lease for 6 mths. $600 to $850 after March 25th.